Undergraduate Prospective Students

Who Receives Financial Aid

Student profile: Tia Allen

Tia Allen

“I have been able to attend my first-choice university.”

Meets Cost of Attendance with:

During my time at USC, I have been utilizing resources such as scholarships, university grants, and the federal Pell Grant.

Tips to Make USC More Affordable:

In order to make SC affordable for me, I use all resources available to me. I take advantage of off-campus housing and Work-Study programs. In addition, renting used books through Chegg or Amazon and searching for free online copies has helped a lot. I also learned the importance of financial literacy. Another good tip is searching for programs in your area that help college students.

Because of financial aid at USC, I have been able to:

"I have been able to immerse myself in academia and fully enjoy my college experience. "

As a transfer student during the height of the pandemic, my transition was challenging. With the help of financial aid, I have been able to alleviate stressors and put my best foot forward as I focus on my career and academic development.


Meet more Financial Aid recipients

Student profile: Ezra Yu

Ezra Yu

“I have been able to enjoy an undergraduate experience not many people of my background get to have — a world-class education.”

Student profile: James White

James White

“I have been able to comfortably achieve my degree without having to worry.”

Student Profile: Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston

“The Financial Aid Office was incredibly helpful and generous when I explained my circumstances. ”

Kim Berg

“I have been able to attend my dream school and participate in a program I never even dreamed of being a part of (World Bachelor in Business program).”

Student profile: Martin Arreola

Martin Arreola

“I have been able to have the peace of mind to focus on my grades here at USC.”

Yannick Matia

“I have been able to take advantage of the Trojan Family network and the various opportunities offered to me as a student here at this fantastic institution.”