Financial Aid Summary (New Admits)


Your financial aid summary displays your eligibility for federal, state, and university aid. Most students receive a combination of grants, loans and Federal Work-Study.

Processing Update

All newly admitted first-year and transfer undergraduate and transfer students must submit a FAFSA and CSS Profile to receive a financial aid summary.  We are no longer providing estimated financial aid summaries. (Update 5/7/24)

  • Our team is updating all estimates to include FAFSA data as we receive it.
  • Students who have received an estimated financial aid summary but have not submitted a FAFSA: Please submit a FAFSA as soon as possible.
  • Students who have submitted a FAFSA: If your FAST portal indicates that your FAFSA data has not been received, please notify our office and submit the SSN form so that we can match your records.   Refer to the askUSCknowledgebase for more information.

Estimated Financial Aid Summary

Your student’s estimated financial aid is based on information the Financial Aid Office has received to date and does not include FAFSA data. Preliminary estimates are based on the information provided on your CSS Profile and any other financial aid documents you may have submitted.

Eligibility is subject to change once your FAFSA data and supporting documents are received and reviewed. The addition of federal or state grants (such as the Pell Grant, Cal Grant, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, etc.) will replace any university gift aid, dollar for dollar.

Estimated financial aid summaries for Early Admitted students were released in February and were based on the cost of attendance for the current 2023-2024 academic year.

Estimated financial aid summaries for Regular Decision Admitted Students will begin to be released by April 1st and will be based on the cost of attendance for the 2024-2025 academic year. At that time, Early Admitted students will receive revised estimated financial aid summaries with the updated cost of attendance for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The financial aid review process is considered complete once a FAFSA, CSS Profile and supporting documentation have been received and reviewed.  Once complete, students will receive an updated Financial Aid Summary replacing any previous revisions or estimates.

The following examples are for illustrative purposes only—the eligibility and award amounts are fictional. Your Financial Aid Summary will differ and will not include the “estimated” watermark once the review process is complete. 

The illustration below shows how a student’s estimated gift aid could be reconfigured once the financial aid review process is complete provided the FAFSA data and additional documentation received does not change the initial eligibility. For example, if the FAFSA application shows income, assets or family size that are different from what was reported on the CSS Profile and/or original documents submitted – you should expect the Financial Aid Summary will be adjusted accordingly.

The initial assessment shows the student being eligible to receive $35,000 of gift aid from all sources.  The finalized financial aid summary will detail how much gift aid comes from each source.

The illustration below is an estimated financial aid summary.

USC FAST Portal sample page.

This is a sample for illustrative purposes only. Your financial aid package will differ.

Special Circumstances

If your family experiences any unforeseen changes to income or expenses, and you would like to request a re-evaluation of your financial aid, visit our Special Circumstances and Appeals page.


College Cost Transparency Initiative

Your financial aid is calculated and disbursed according to federal and state regulations and university policy. All offers of USC financial aid are made according to the Principles and Standards of the College Cost Transparency Initiative.

Seal of College Cost Transparency Initiative.