iGrad Financial Literacy

What is iGrad

USC has teamed with iGrad, the country’s leader in financial literacy services. The award-winning iGrad online portal provides individualized money management tools and resources to help you succeed in a world of personal finance in creative ways. The interactive learning experience provides live webinars, expert-moderated forums, short online courses, worksheets, games and more.

How It Works

To access the iGrad portal, you must sign up using your USC NetID. The first time you sign on you will be asked a few questions that will help build your personalized profile.


  • Entrance Counseling for first-time Direct Student Loan borrowers at USC.
  • Import existing loan information to keep track of your Direct Loans.
  • Money management advice, straightforward budgeting tools and interactive games that build your financial skills.
  • Personalized student loan help by phone so you can make borrowing and repayment decisions that fit your life.

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