Undergraduate Continuing Students

Applying for Financial Aid

Be sure to meet all deadlines and eligibility requirements to be considered for need-based financial aid for the 2022-2023 academic year. Remember that continuing students must reapply for financial aid each year. Students who miss any deadline or do not respond in a timely manner to requests for additional information may receive reduced financial aid, based on available funding.

Eligibility for Funding
To receive financial aid, students must be: a U.S. citizen; eligible non-citizen (such as a permanent resident, refugee, or asylee); or be an undocumented person meeting certain criteria. Students also must be admitted to USC, maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, and not be in default on prior loans. Undergraduates who have been awarded a California Dream Grant and who meet all other eligibility requirements may be considered for limited university funding.

Late Applications
Log in to your FAST page and complete the "Appeal Regarding your Late Application" detailing the reasons for your late application. Your financial aid eligibility is likely to be less than for previous years. Depending on the date of your application, you may be eligible for only federal or private loans.

Step 1: FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1, 2021, but no later than March 2, 2022.

Submit the application at studentaid.gov.

Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) for the most efficient processing.

USC’s Federal School Code is 001328.

Check your USC email or your Financial Aid Summary and Tasks (FAST) page to determine your next steps.

Please note that the USC Financial Aid Office does not begin to process this information until November. Therefore, your submission may not be reflected in the Required Information and Forms page until early November.

Step 2: Cal Grant

March 2, 2022

California Residents Only: Apply for a Cal Grant
California residents who have completed fewer than 24 units at USC and are not currently receiving a Cal Grant must apply.

If you are currently receiving a Cal Grant or if you have completed 24 units or more units at USC, we will automatically upload your GPA information to the California Student Aid Commission.

If you have completed less than 24 units at USC, download the 2022-2023 Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. Fill out the student portion of the form and sign it.

Ask the registrar at the school you attended prior to USC to verify your GPA (grade point average) on the form. Make a copy of the form for your records and mail it to California Student Aid Commission by March 2, 2022.

Step 3: Additional Information

REMINDER: To ensure you submit all the information and documents required to complete your application, please review all emails from the Financial Aid Office and periodically check the status of your financial aid application.

As soon as possible, if applicable:

CSS Profile (if requested)
To determine your eligibility for institutional financial aid, you may be required to complete a CSS Profile application. Please view your status by logging in to FAST to find out if this additional step is required.

Submit the application at collegeboard.org/cssprofile.

Use your 2020 parent and student income.

Be sure to include your Social Security number.

USC’s CSS School Code is 4852.

USC does not participate in the CSS IDOC program.

Tax Return Information
Submit student's and parent's federal tax information as soon as possible, if requested. Please log in to access your Financial Aid Summary and Tasks (FAST) page and follow the instructions provided. You will need your completed, signed federal tax return, along with all schedules and W-2 forms, when submitting this information.

USC does not require state tax returns.

For the fastest processing, submit tax information online. After you submit your tax information, we will update your status and let you know if we need any additional information, including a copy of your tax return or a tax transcript for verification purposes.

If your parents . . .

Are married, or are unmarried and live together, but filed separately in 2020: Submit information for both 2020 tax returns.

Are divorced or separated: Provide information from your custodial parent's 2020 federal tax return. If your parents filed jointly for 2020, submit information regarding your custodial parent from that return. If your custodial parent has remarried, submit 2020 income tax return information for him/her and your stepparent. You will be advised if tax information from your noncustodial parent is required.

Are not legally required to file a federal income tax return for 2020 and did not file: Submit a completed Parent Non-Filing Statement form.

File a tax return in another country:Submit a Parent Non-Filing Statement form indicating that they are filing a foreign return and attach translated documentation of their income, such as a foreign tax return, employer statement, etc. Convert all amounts to U.S. dollars. Please also submit a completed Parent Income and Expense form.

CSS Profile Form for Noncustodial Parents

If your CSS Profile information indicates that your parents are separated, divorced or never married, your noncustodial parent may be required to complete the CSS Profile form.

USC will determine an expected contribution for the custodial parent, the noncustodial parent, and the stepparent, as appropriate.

If you are not able to provide financial information from your noncustodial parent, or your noncustodial parent has special circumstances that affect the amount that they would be expected to contribute toward your educational expenses, you may provide that information by submitting a Noncustodial Parent Waiver/Special Circumstances form.

Business Owners

Parents who are business owners may be asked to submit a copy of their business tax documents for each business to the Financial Aid Office. For each business, submit a copy of your federal K-1 statement, if applicable, and a copy of the first five pages of the corporate tax return or partnership tax return.

Additional Documentation

Provide any other additional documents or information requested by the Financial Aid Office within 10 business days of the request.


Submit any additional documents requested by the Financial Aid Office within 10 days.

Please note that the USC Financial Aid Office does not begin to process this information until November. Therefore, your submission may not be reflected in the Required Information and Forms page until early November.


Step 4: When You Will Be Notified

Pay close attention to deadlines, and respond to any additional requests from USC within 10 days. If you meet all deadlines and eligibility requirements, and promptly submit any additional requested documentation, you will be notified of your financial aid by the end of June. Late applicants will be notified by the end of July.

You can monitor your financial aid status at your Financial Aid Summary and Tasks (FAST) page. Your summary will be viewable online only.