Who Receives Financial Aid?

USC maintains a strong investment in financial aid for undergraduate students: We continue to increase financial aid funding so that we may maintain our commitment to meet each student’s demonstrated need.

More than two-thirds of USC undergraduates receive some sort of financial aid, including need-based grants, merit scholarships, Federal Work-Study and loans.

Among the 2022 entering first-year class, more than two-thirds received some form of financial assistance, with approximately 22 percent receiving a USC merit-based scholarship.

USC enrolls approximately 4,400 low-income undergraduate students (as defined by Pell Grant eligibility) more than most private research universities. In fall 2022, 22 percent of enrolled undergraduates received Pell Grants. Most importantly, low-income and under-represented minority students at USC graduate at rates comparable to the overall undergraduate population.

To receive an estimate of your financial aid eligibility, visit the USC Financial Aid Calculators.


Eligibility Requirements

Basic Requirements for Need-Based Financial Aid

All applicants to USC can apply for financial aid if they:

Are a U.S. citizen, eligible non-citizen (such as permanent resident, refugee or asylee), undocumented meeting certain criteria;

Possess a valid Social Security number (if required); and

Are registered with the Selective Service System (if applicable).

To receive any aid for which they may be eligible, applicants must meet all published deadlines and submit any additional requested information. Applicants who miss any published deadline may be considered for reduced funds.

International Students

Although international students are not eligible to receive federal or USC need-based financial aid, they may be awarded merit scholarships and/or other departmental awards.

Additionally, international students may apply for some private loans with a qualified co-signer who is a U.S. citizen.

Please visit the International Student page for more information.


Meet some of our Financial Aid recipients

Student profile: Ezra Yu

Ezra Yu

“I have been able to enjoy an undergraduate experience not many people of my background get to have — a world-class education.”

Student profile: James White

James White

“I have been able to comfortably achieve my degree without having to worry.”

Student Profile: Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston

“The Financial Aid Office was incredibly helpful and generous when I explained my circumstances. ”

Student profile: Whitney Camarena

Whitney Camarena

“I have been able to attend my first-choice university.”

Dora Gerardo

“Without financial aid, I can't imagine ever being able to attend such a great institution. Financial aid was the deal-breaker between USC and other universities.”

Carlos Solorzano

“My parents were not comfortable with me taking out big loans for my undergraduate years, so USC Financial Aid, along with the Presidential Scholarship, has given me the opportunity to succeed.”

Juan Luis Bravo

“I have been able to attend USC with great peace of mind.”

Sherry Chan

“I wouldn't have been able to attend such a great school [without financial aid]… I've been able to be a student without constantly worrying about the burdens of finances and tuition. I know that it's more than possible to make the payments with the financial help that USC offers.”