Who Receives Financial Aid

Student profile: Whitney Camarena

Whitney Camarena

“I have been able to attend my first-choice university.”

Meets Cost of Attendance With:

University Grant, student loans, savings, Parent PLUS Loan, USC Payment Plan.

Tips to Make USC More Affordable:

Find a paid internship as well as an on-campus job, cook your own meals, rent textbooks from the bookstore or online, take class notes on laptop so you don’t have to buy notebooks, limit spending on clothes or buy from thrift stores, buy a used laptop, plan ahead.

Because of financial aid at USC, I have been able to:

"I have been able to attend my first-choice university."



Meet more Financial Aid recipients

Student profile: Ezra Yu

Ezra Yu

“I have been able to enjoy an undergraduate experience not many people of my background get to have — a world-class education.”

Student profile: James White

James White

“I have been able to comfortably achieve my degree without having to worry.”

Student Profile: Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston

“The Financial Aid Office was incredibly helpful and generous when I explained my circumstances. ”

Dora Gerardo

“Without financial aid, I can't imagine ever being able to attend such a great institution. Financial aid was the deal-breaker between USC and other universities.”

Student Profile: Carlos Solorzano

Carlos Solorzano

“My parents were not comfortable with me taking out big loans for my undergraduate years, so USC Financial Aid, along with the Presidential Scholarship, has given me the opportunity to succeed.”

Student Profile: Juan Luis Bravo

Juan Luis Bravo

“I have been able to: attend USC with great peace of mind.”

Sherry Chan

“I wouldn't have been able to attend such a great school [without financial aid]… I've been able to be a student without constantly worrying about the burdens of finances and tuition. I know that it's more than possible to make the payments with the financial help that USC offers.”