Distance Education: Admitted Students

Gift Aid

Scholarships, fellowships and other sources of aid are awarded primarily by individual academic departments. Check with your department for more information.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Grants and scholarships and fellowships are types of financial aid that do not have to be repaid. Scholarships and fellowships may be available through the following sources:

Your academic department or professional school.

Some departments provide their scholarships in the form of a monthly stipend that is paid directly to the student receiving the award. Stipend payments are made monthly according to the stipend schedule.

USC Financial Aid Office (administers federal aid programs, coordinates departmental scholarships and stipends).

The Graduate School (provides information about non-university funding sources).

Federal agencies and private foundations (support for students engaged in specific fields of study).

Corporations (fellowships or tuition reimbursement for employees).


Fellowships and scholarships are awarded to graduate students on a competitive basis by USC schools and departments, as well as by outside agencies. Awards consist of tuition credit and/or stipends.

External Fellowships
For detailed listings of graduate fellowships awarded by entities outside USC, for study and research in the United States and abroad, and for underrepresented students, click here.