Federal Perkins Loans

Federal Perkins Loans are available only to students in certain programs of study or who may have received a Perkins Loan in the prior academic year.


To receive this loan, you must:

Apply for financial aid and demonstrate eligibility. (The Federal Perkins Loan will be listed on your Financial Aid Summary if you are eligible.)

Be enrolled for the number of units indicated on your Financial Aid Summary.

Submit all required documents to the Financial Aid Office.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Read more about the SAP Policy for Undergraduates or Graduates.

General Information

Interest rate: Fixed at 5 percent.

Repayment: The ten-year repayment period begins nine (9) months after graduation or when you drop below half-time enrollment.

Receiving Your Loan

You must authorize the University of Southern California to credit the funds to your student account by signing a Master Promissory Note (MPN) online. USC has partnered with ECSI for this purpose.

Instructions on how to accept and sign for these loans electronically will be e-mailed to your official USC address. You will need your FSA ID to complete the process.

For more information, visit the Student Financial Services website.

If you choose not to borrow additional Perkins Loan funds in subsequent years, please inform the Financial Aid Office in writing and your award will be canceled.

Loan Counseling Requirement

Exit Loan Counseling

If you are graduating, on a leave of absence or enrolled less than half-time, federal regulations and university policy require you to complete Exit Loan Counseling.